Brigitte Kirkconnell-Shaughness

 Brigitte Kirkconnell-Shaughness


Brigitte Kirkconnell -Shaughness was appointed to the JLSC in accordance with section 105(1)(a).

Mrs. Kirkconnell-Shaughness graduated from Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana, where she earned a  Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a major in Management. Upon completion of her formal education and prior to returning home, Mrs. Kirkconnell - Shaughness worked for a family-owned and operated Home Centre/ Building Materials store in Pennsylvania. 

Since 1992, Mrs. Kirkconnell-Shaughness has worked for her family primarily as the General Manager of Kirk Home Centre and is a member of the boards of directors for various other companies. 

Through the years Mrs. Kirkconnell-Shaughness has had the privilege of serving on various private sector,  statutory authority  and non-profit boards such as the Chamber of Commerce, the Business Staffing Plan board, the National Security Council and the Meals on Wheels board. 

Mrs. Kirkconnell-Shaughness was appointed as a member on 15 January 2020 for a three year term.  She was reappointed as a member on 14 January 2023 and her term ended on 30 October 2023.